Welcome to BRINX.

The company

BRINX S.A. was founded in 2001 and located in renovated offices on the road 4 Panselinoy in Kifissia, Thessaloniki. Its main activity is the internal and external trade, thus creating an international network of cooperation with leading global companies.


The BRINX S.A. is certified as ISO 9001/2008, 1801/18001 and 14001/2004.

Our philosophy

The BRINX S.A. recognizes that success is directly connected with the success of its customers. For this reason each costumer is treated as unique and cooperation governing professionalism, consistency and support.  Considering that human development is the key to a Company’s success, we invest in its training, having as a result to be always in leadership as far as concerns the provision of appropriate solutions in each occasion.

Field of activities

In a continual effort to improve our services to those who trust us we can offer the below:

· Parking machinery

· Public use bikes

· Species protection

· Vehicles & machines parts

· Cleaning Products- Environmental protection

Our partners

The rigorous choice of our partners is always aiming to improve your service and provides you with excellent quality products: